Jericho Tree Leadership


Jericho Tree Church structures our leadership around the basic offices described in scripture.  We believe in biblically qualified PASTORS (who are described in scripture often as elders or overseers) having the primary responsibility of providing leadership over the whole church.  We also believe God ordained the roll of DEACONS to serve the body of Christ (the Church) in specific areas.  Eventually Jericho Tree will appoint a pastor for each of the core values of the church: Truth, Family & Action.  Pastor Ken serves as the Truth Pastor.  We will also be appointing deacons for various rolls as the church becomes more established.

Pastor Ken Hansen


Pastor Ken serves as the Truth Pastor of Jericho Tree. He is also the planting pastor of the church.  Ken married his beautiful wife Angela in 2002 at the ripe old age of 19! They have three children: Isabella, Mikayla and Titus. Pastor Ken graduated from William Jessup University with a Bachelors in Christian Leadership and is currently working on his Masters Degree at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. Ken is passionate about Jesus Christ and seeing real life transformation come through the power of the gospel. He also loves basketball, board games, and reading (check out Pastor Ken’s recommended reading list).