Pastor Ken (and Jericho Tree Church) is involved in the City Pastors Fellowship and even more so the Sacramento Downtown Pastors Fellowship (a sub-group).  This fellowship seeks to bring the church together across denominational lines and to group them together geographically instead.  Together these pastors and churches pray, serve the city and sharpen each other in countless ways.  Pastor Ken meets with the Downtown Pastors Fellowship monthly.



Pastor Ken is ordained through the Southern Baptist Convention and is also attending an SBC seminary for his masters degree.  Ken and JTC do not agree with every stance of the SBC, but they do follow the Bible very closely and Pastor Ken is not aware of any denomination that better captures his doctrine and philosophy regarding mission and Christian fellowship.  


The SBC was actually born as a missions organization during the colonial America days.  Since that time, it has become one of the largest protestant (non-catholic) denominations in the world.  


We do recognize that denominations can cause division among Christians, however, they also provide great opportunities for like-minded people to work together to accomplish great things.  This is why we are not ashamed to admit that we are a baptist church, however, we will never waive this flag in any way that distracts from our Christ-centered focus.  We are always about being a place where people can climb in and see Jesus!